Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Study of Trees (Continued)

Here is a scan of the tree I am currently working on.  When I work on my drawings I usually move around the page instead of working on any one section.  Working on any part too long will make the task seem a bit hopeless.  There are a lot of leaves and just as many tiny spaces between them.  

On this picture, I have drawn in all of the leaves and blackened in the tiny spaces between each of them.   Today I just finished putting all of the veins in the individual leaves and have started to do the final shading on some of the sections.  This can be a very tedious task which I enjoy very much.  I work mostly by feel when it comes to shading.  When I look at the picture I can see where the shading should go to give it more dimension or depth.  Typically when I start a picture I have no final product in mind, I just let it grow into whatever it will.

I am still not sure how this will look in the end.  The tree may stay as it is with the smooth bark or may become very textured.  All of that will be determined by the tree I guess.  Personally, I like the 'knot' knowing.  Bad tree joke.

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